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Birth and purpose of the project

“Le vere origini di Halloween” (The True Origins of Halloween) comes to life in September 2013 at the hands of (in alphabetic order):

Alice Chiara Rancati – naturopath, shamanic practitioner and writer – www.sacreradici.it
Luce – co-founder of the neopagan online magazine Pimalaya - www.pimalaya.altervista.org
Monica Casalini – artisan and author - www.pentacolo.it
Sarah Bernini - author and president of the Association Artès di Gattatico (RE) - www.artesassociazione.org

The purpose of this project is to oppose to countless commonplaces regarding the festivity of Halloween,  which sinks its roots into the Celtic celebration of Samhain.

The core of the project is the website www.levereoriginidihalloween.it, which includes a Facebook page. Both are used to share articles and correct information about the history of this festivity and to oppose to commonplaces and anti-Halloween campaigns that have been launched in recent years. Short e-books and printables are available to download for free.

Through this means nice activities for children and adults, infographics and fun comics are offered to entertain the public.

A number of initiatives are also available to engage with kids and adults, for example: photographic contests, calls to send us pictures of one own carved pumpkins and decorations, radio interviews, surveys and more.

An important mention goes to our crowdfunding through the Kapipal website, thanks to which it was possible to donate a copy of our book to some Italian libraries and associations.

In these past years of activity the project has grown consistently: we opened dedicated pages on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram and, above all, we published the book Le vere origini di Halloween (Anguana Edizioni).

Le vere origini di Halloween, the book

The book was born to convey all relevant information on the historical origins of Halloween to a wider public.

For this purpose, in addition to the four founders of the project, several authors, scholars and Italian artists co-operated voluntarily and without any retribution.

The book is divided into several chapters on the many aspects of the festivities:
History - chapter that includes numerous articles on the historical and cultural origins of Halloween, on its birth and diffusion and the ancient rituals;
Modern Traditions - articles on the different neo-pagan traditions and their celebrations;
Halloween in Italy - evidences demonstrating that Halloween was known and celebrated all Italian regions in the past;
Psychology - an interesting testimony on why Halloween is an important festivity for the healthy development of children and not an occasion to demonize and deny.

Progetto ZuccAzzurra (Teal Pumpkin Project)

In autumn 2015 we launched, for the first time in Italy, the Teal Pumpkin Project, which encourages people to raise awareness of food allergies and promotes inclusion of all trick-or-treaters throughout the Halloween season.
Participating is simple. People are invited to pick up some inexpensive toys and stationary, and place a teal pumpkin and/or a free printable sign from our website outside their home to show that they have non-food treats to hand out.


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